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Security Advisory Board

Meet our dedicated security advisory team below

Shaheem Motlekar

Shaheem Motlekar is one of the founders of Bowline Security. Shaheem has over 18 years of experience in the field of Cyber Security and infrastructure management. He has been protecting information for major corporations, requiring a heightened level of security and awareness.


He has led Enterprise Architecture, Program Management and Security Strategy functions in fortune 100 organisations. He has experience working in 5 continents in highly matrixed organisations allowing for rapid creation of efficient large-scale, project structures. He holds a degree in engineering with a major in telecommunication.

Prof. Elmarie Biermann

Prof. Elmarie Biermann is the Director and Founder of the Cyber Security Institute that provides services and training within the Cyber Security domain.


Completing a BSc, BSc Hons (cum laude) and a MSc at the North West University, led to her obtaining a PhD in Computer Security at the University of South Africa. She boasts experience in both the academic and private sectors and have an extensive list of research and technical publications on international forums. She is an acknowledged speaker and keynote at conferences, seminars and workshops and are regularly invited as a specialist panellist on cyber-crime, cyber warfare and cyber intelligence.

Board of directors

Meet our dedicated board of directors below

Samukelisiwe Uys

Samukelisiwe helps Church leaders to create a space where people from all backgrounds can have honest conversations about life, faith and meaning, in a safe environment, with no fear of being judged. She loves listening to men and women who are leaders in various communities as they talk about some of the challenges that they face and how she gets to play a role in helping them to overcome some of those challenges and reaching solutions.


Environmental and conservation education is one of the areas that is close to her heart. Sam believes that with more efforts to educate young people and people in general about the importance of preserving our environment and the impacts of pollution, a lot could change, especially in our country.

Carl Heinz Uys

Carl’s vision is a safer world, his mission in life is to contribute towards safeguarding Cyber Space.


Amongst other projects, Uys was part of a team that contributed towards reducing the financial fraud within the provincial government of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Project Unembeza. Uys has also completed a cyber security assignment on behalf of the IEC during the 2014 South African national government elections and developed a Cyber Security Fundamentals Course for Damelin which he currently facilitates to students who sign up for this course.