Cyber Security

Your communication is being intercepted

Commercial spyware programs are background running applications and services which run on your devices that is used to listen monitor and track your activity and use your information for malicious purposes.

Notification and insight

When your digital identity is compromised, how and when do you know so that you
can take action immediately.

Containing the breach

Acting immediately without disrupting your whole organisation and prioritisation of remediation efforts based on asset criticality.

Our Solution

Bowline Security’s 24x7x365 cyber privacy protection managed services offer enhanced capabilities for preventing, detecting and responding timeously to cyber incidents.

Benefits for your organisation

– Compliance with POPI and GDPR
– Assured secure communication
– Faster breach detection and incident response
– Limiting the impact of a cyber incident
– Safer Digital Identity
– Reduced Data Usage
– Protection against malicious software including Ransomware