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Social Media & Brand Protection

Protecting Your Organisation Is What We Do Best

Our Social Media & Brand Protection Solution

Social Media Security


Social media security is dynamically analysing the data from social media which will protect the security threats of your organisation. 


Social Media has taken the world by storm and it has become the new cyber security battleground and this is one of the largest risks to an organisations security. With our Social Media & Brand Protection solution your organisation will be safe from online, offline threats, data loss, targeted phishing attacks, spoofing of accounts, executive threats and the brand of the organisation.


Watch our short video to learn more about our Social Media & Brand Protection Solution:

Why Choose our Social Media & Brand Protection Platform

Our platform has a global data collection engine which is built upon artificial intelligence and automated remediation. Our platform protects you and your organisation from social media attacks, data breach, cyber brand and physical threats & digital platforms.


Our platform:

  • Gains Visibility
  • Ensures Control
  • Automates Protection


Furthermore our privacy toolkit provides you with:

  • Preventing Account Compromise
  • Investigating Identity Fraud
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Brand Protection
  • Stopping Phishing Attacks
  • API Integrations

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