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Safe Browsing

“Are YOU Shielded?”

Our Safe Browsing Solution

Most of the threats and attacks that appear on our devices come from the web after sneaking pass the security measures which we enabled. 

Our solution allows users to safely browse the Internet without having the fear of getting compromised. Our solution augments existing defenses to keep malware and zero-day exploits off all endpoints.


What is Safe Browsing:

  • Executes active web content in a remote disposable container
  • Makes websites a safe interactive content stream
  • Delivers natural browsing experience for users

Watch our short video to learn more about our Safe Browsing Solution:

Browse with Confidence

  • Users can click without the fear of data exploits, ransomware, malware attacks and other threats
  • Integrated file sanitization for safe downloads
  • It increases productivity 

How Our Solution Keeps Malware Out

Our solution does not require installation and does not interrupt the work flow. Below you will see how our solution works:

  • A user opens up a browser
  • Our tool instantly powers up a virtual browser in a remote Linux container
  • The website’s code executes in the virtual browser which is nowhere near to the end users device
  • To prevent leakage of sensitive data between sessions, each browser session or tab gets its
    very own isolated container. When a session is closed or inactive, the container is destroyed, along with any malicious code
  • Files which are downloaded are scanned and cleansed using the pre-integrated sanitization tool before they’re released to the user

Try Our Safe Browsing Solution

Always be ahead of cyber criminals

Be fearless & confident by using our safe browsing solution


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