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Our ERPScan Solution

“ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for SAP”

Problems of Not Having An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Security Soltion

After the USIS data breach relating to SAP vulnerability, the need for ERP security has grown.


We find that the most critical corporate data is stored on an ERP system. This is always threatened by insider attacks such as; fraud, sabotage and espionage.  ERP systems are open to many different types of attacks because of their customisation and complexity. We find that manual in-depth assessment of a SAP system is very time-consuming as there are over 10 000 vulnerabilities, configurations and user access control related issues just for one system.

Our ERPScan Solution

Our solution is an award-winning software which is the only solution certified by SAP SE. It allows you to identify, analyze & re-mediate all the security issues faced by the system and protect against insider attacks and cyber attacks. 

Our solution is designed to continuously monitor changes in multiple SAP systems. Threats are identified more easily, dashboards are user friendly, it features high-level trend analysis & lastly helps customers to fix the identified issues. 

Our solution has multiple formats for generating reports and it integrates with IT GRC, ITSM and SIEM solutions. 

Benefits of Our Solution

  • Mitigate fraud risk and prevent actions caused by cyber criminals, insiders and third party developers


  • Comply with regulations and guidelines and this can be accomplished within hours rather than months


  • Save up to 80% of time and resources by evading manual assessments


  • Keep your audits ready at all times with regular automatic checks


  • Reduce efforts by advanced risk correlation and trend analysis


  • Visualize potential attacks between SAP systems and associated risks in global scale


  • Simplify remediation by automatic generation of corrections and virtual patches and integration with IDS, SIEM and ITSM systems.


Try Our ERPScan Solution

Large companies from diverse industries have successfully deployed & used ERPScan

If you are a CISO, you have to be aware of the current security of your systems under SAP

There is a key: ERPScan



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