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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC-ISMS)

“A Matter For Everyone”

Our GRC-ISMS Solution

Our solution offers a time saving, web based service which is designed to help an organisation manage their governance, risk and compliance. It utilizes of a self-service concept and management by exception. This ensures that time is not wasted on tasks which are not necessary. 

Watch our one minute video to learn more about our GRC-ISMS Solution:

Our Key Advantages

Key Advantages:


Improved Information Governance coordination – Dramatically increase the Information Governance coordination within your organisation

Better Information Governance visibility – Provide your management and all staff with visual dashboards showing the state of operational compliance

Greater Information Governance efficiency – Boost operational efficiency by providing automated processes that simplify key tasks making compliance easier to achieve


Furthermore we have detailed risk courses for:

  • Employees who decide to quit their job and then causing jeopardy in the work flow
  • Employees causing inside attacks
  • Employees who snoop around and choosing to make extra money on the side using organisation’s material
  • Employees creating a fraud scheme
  • Leaking commercial secrets due to blackmail and deliberate sabotage.


We have the perfect package to suit your organisation with regards to employee profiling and behavioural patterns, these packages are broken down into:


  • Guide on risk group control
  • Guide on how to protect against fraudsters inside a company
  • Guide on how to control human behaviour
  • Data Protection Courses
  • GRC-ISMS Courses


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