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Security For IoT

“Robust IoT Solutions For Connected Assets”

Our Solution For IoT Security

We offer you a smart end-to-end solution for remote asset performance management. Our solution uses cutting-edge technology which provides you financial savings. Our solution makes use of Artificial Intelligence which makes it easy for you to visualise an overall picture and make data-driven decisions through full-coverage workforce, stationary and mobile asset management.

IoT Solutions

We provide you with 2 IoT Solutions:


1. Remote Mobile Asset Management Solutions


Our remote mobile asset management focuses on maximizing fleet and workforce performance and cutting OPEX. Our end-to-end solutions offer the most advanced telematics technology along with an AI-based platform that provides you with bottom line results.


Our solution is tailor-made for companies with mobile assets in the automotive business and beyond. We cover the following assets:


  • Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) Fleets
  • Logistics: Trucks & Trailers
  • Leasing/Rental
  • Insurance Telematics
  • Mining: Machinery & Equipment
  • Trains & Locomotives


Our solution allows you to monitor the following:


  • Fuel Efficiency 
  • Complete fuel theft protection
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Data Management


2. Remote Management & Energy Efficiency solution


Our solutions for fixed sites, focus on improving a business’s bottom line.  Our solution is dedicated by ensuring your sites are running at maximum efficiency. Our team sets our sights on helping you achieve the greatest operational savings.


Our markets are listed below:


  • Telecom
  • Data Center
  • Mining
  • Bank/ATMs
  • Generators
  • Energy Utilities


Our solution allows you to monitor the following:


  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Power Management
  • Remote Site Control (NOC)


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