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Value Added Services

“Safer Connected World”

Our Value Added Services

You can enjoy peace of mind with our latest Surveillance Technology. We provide a solution that communicates via your existing network. Our Surveillance Technology offers you easy to monitor services such as:

  • CCTV (IP Camera)
  • Alarm
  • Access Control
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Electronic Forensics

How Does Our Value Added Services Work?

  • Our CCTV (IP Camera) are installed on the customers premises
  • It is then linked to a DVD Recorder, UPS Unit, Alarm Panel and a Transmitter
  • All of this is linked to your existing network which is connected to your router
  • Our counter survaliane provides you with: office, boardroom, vhehicle, etc. electronic sweeping
  • Your network then provides you with data links to the following:
    • Remote Access on your smart phone or tablet
    • Video and VOIP Services
    • An alert is then sent to the control room of your Security Company and South African Police Service (SAPS)

Benefits of Our Value Added Services

Intelligent cost-saving

  • Our Surveillance solution uses your existing bandwidth so this maximises your investment


Better guarding

  • With remote end-to-end monitoring you can always have full access to view your premises at any time


More effective response

  • With advanced visibility to your premises, armed response units get a better insight into a situation


Leading technology and service

  • Our Surveillance solution comes with a full disaster recovery plan (DRP), incident reports, cost free updates and a maintenance plan.


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