Cyber Security Technology Controls - Bowline Security
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Cyber Security Technology Controls

The value of implementing one or more of the products help enforce your organisation policy


Bowline Security’s Cyber Security Technology Controls for You


Our Cyber Security technology tools include:


 a. Data Compression & Encryption

b. Domain Name Service (DNS) management

c. Enterprise Certificate Management

d. Data Leakage Protection

e. Ransomware blocker

f. Email Mail regulator

g. Secure hardware

h. Custom Developed Security Technology Tool for your needs


Benefits include:


a. Security-centred device management

b. Minimise security vulnerabilities and monitor protected systems

c. Preventing targeted phishing attacks from reaching your business


Maturity Assessment

Cyber Governance

Malware Management

Cyber Threat Inteligence

Cyber Security Awarness

Cyber Security Technology Controls

Digital Forensics