Digital Forensics - Bowline Security
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Digital Forensics

The value of this service is to preserve evidence in its most original form


Bowline Security’s Digital Forensics for You


Preserving evidence while performing an investigation, Our service includes:


a. Network forensics

b. Firewall forensics

c. Database forensics

d. Mobile device forensics


Our digital forensics service benefits include:


a. The comparison of relevant types of data from different systems or sources to show a more complete picture

b. The ability to easily trend relevant data over periods of time; fluctuation in trending lines can be analysed further for false positives and potential risk factors.

c. The quick identification and extraction of certain risk criteria from the entire data population for further analysis.

d. The testing for effectiveness of the control environment and policies in place by identifying attributes that violates rules.

e. Identifying trends of which company personnel, consultants and forensic accountants were unaware off.

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Cyber Governance

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Cyber Threat Inteligence

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Digital Forensics

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