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Managed Services

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Financial Loss

  • Theft of corporate information
  • Theft of financial information
  • Theft of money
  • Disruption to trading
  • Business experiencing a cyber breach will also generally incur costs associated with remedial actions, such as repairing affected systems, networks and devices.

Reputational Damage

  • Loss of customers
  • Loss of sales
  • Reduction in profits
  • Reputational damage can even impact on your suppliers, or affect relationships you may have with partners, investors and other third parties vested in your business.

Legal Consequences

  • If businesses handle sensitive data, the Data Protection Act requires for the business to have an appropriate security to prevent the data they hold being accidentally or purposely compromised.
  • If a business fails to put appropriate security measures in place, and the personal data they hold is lost or stolen due to a cyber-attack, the business may face fines and regulatory sanctions.

Insider Threat

  • Cyber criminals can impersonate employees and collude with employees to approve payments to criminals’ banking accounts, by infiltrating company back-end systems
  • Cyber criminals can alter payment details to divert funds to accounts under their control.
  • When automated company systems are compromised, employees and or contractor’s lives are at risk.

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