Cyber Security Cinema Evening - Bowline Security
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Bowline Security Cinema evening

Cyber Security Cinema Evening

DATE: 24th May 2017

Background of KZN Cyber Security Awareness Events

With the reality of Cyber Space being the biggest and fastest growing community in the Universe, we at Bowline Security are excited about the possibilities this advancement brings to humanity. We are however equally concerned about preserving the advances gained by humanity, it is for this reason that we have taken the decision to contribute towards making the world a safer place.

Bowline Security is on a mission to SAFEGUARD Cyber Space, we are working to enlighten public and private intuitions of the dangers while operating within cyberspace. Our focus is to implement cyber safeguards for organisations to use towards improving their cyber environments.

To date we have hosted two annual Cyber Security discussions platforms (2015 and 2016) for private and public sector to engage in with the objective that organisations will cater for Cyber Security as a business enabler and a business risk reducer and not merely an Information Technology department function.

In 2015, we hosted a breakfast to discuss to Cyber Security breaches in other parts of the world and how this relates to organisations in South Africa. This discussion platform proved to raise awareness that organisations should understand that cyber-attacks on their organisations will happen. The need to be prepared to defend, contain, combat against attacks and start preventative measures to reduce future attacks was the lesson learnt.

In 2016 we hosted another breakfast to discuss whether South African organisations are under cyber-attack. Organisations got to discuss the increased number of attacks on organisations throughout the world including South Africa. The majority of organisations attending this event came to the conclusion that South African Organisations are under Cyber-attack.

In 2017, we are aiming to host such events each quarter as a response to the escalation of cybercrime and the effects thereof throughout the globe. The first being on the 20th of April, we will be hosting a cinema evening that will give insight into why South Africa is under cyber-attack. We will be considering urbanisation as South Africa and the rest of the world is adopting and adapting to Smart Cities and the Internet of Things.

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